The Forest of Doom


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Every move you make could be your last… Are YOU brave enough to face the gruesome fiends and monsters of a nightmare forest?

A war is raging, and the dwarfs of Stonebridge are under attack from evil trolls. To save the dwarfs, you must find a magical war hammer, lost in the depths of Darkwood Forest. Step up, hero: it’s time to fight!


Whether you’re new to Fighting Fantasy or you’ve got a few gamebooks on your shelf, the world of Titan is full of new stories to discover. In The Forest of Doom, you’re an adventurer tasked with retrieving the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge, a magical warhammer that was lost in the depths of Darkwood Forest.

Helping the Dwarves of Stonebridge to recover this artifact will take all of your wits, strength, and skill. While The Forest of Doom has fewer pathways than the standard Fighting Fantasy book, players love this title for its lore-rich, action-packed story.

Tied in to other titles like The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, City of Thieves, and Stormslayer by the three pre-generated characters Ophelia Lapwing, Helios Wardalus, and Gorrin Silverblade, The Forest of Doom is a fantastic title for new players and veterans alike.

Product Details

Series : Fighting Fantasy
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9781407181288 (en) / 9782075100748 (fr)
Publisher : Scholastic (en) / Gallimard Jeunesse (fr)
Date published : September 7th, 2017

Other details

Written by Ian Livingstone
Illustrated by Robert Ball & Vlado Krizan
First publishing in 1983
232 pages


Titre Français : Défis fantastiques 3 | La Forêt de la Malédiction

Oserez-vous pénétrer dans les profondeurs sinueuses et terrifiantes de la Forêt maléfique? Dans une impitoyable course contre le temps, vous aurez pour mission de découvrir, au cœur de la Forêt, le manche et la tête du légendaire Marteau de Pont-de-Pierre des anciennes malédictions qui le menacent.

BONUS inédit : les archives de l'Allansia vous révèleront tout ce qu'un héros digne de ce nom se doit de connaître!


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