The Port of Peril

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Every move you make could be your last… Are YOU brave enough to face the ultimate quest?

You must travel all over Allansia – including old haunts Darkwood Forest and Port Blacksand – on a dangerous mission. But what starts as a treasure hunt soon takes a darker turn, as evil sorcerer Zanbar Bone rises again. Step up, hero: it’s time to fight!


Think you’re embarking on another treasure hunt? Think again. As a sword-for-hire, you’ll journey from the town of Chalice, down through the Moonstone Hills, into Darkwood Forest (yes, of The Forest of Doom fame) and onward to Port Blacksand to stop the second coming of Zanbar Bone.

While this is one of the simplest Fighting Fantasy novels to navigate - making it great for new players - it’s far from boring. With characters from other titles appearing to threaten your character or provide assistance, players who have adventured in Allansia before can delve even deeper into the rich lore of Titan.

If you want to survive the Port of Peril, you’ll have to fight your way through the horde of undead roaming the streets of Port Blackwood, forge alliances with other characters, and prevent the evil Zanbar Bone from destroying the land of the living.

Product Details

Series : Fighting Fantasy
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9781407181295 (en) / 9782075097345 (fr)
Publisher : Scholastic (en) / Gallimard Jeunesse (fr)
Date published : August 3rd, 2017

Other details

Written by Ian Livingstone
Illustrated by Robert Ball & Vlado Krizan
232 pages


Titre Français : Défis fantastiques 25 | L’Anneau des Serpents de Feu

Sous l'influence de Zanbar Bone, le redoutable Prince-Démon, des hordes de squelettes se relèvent de leurs tombes pour terroriser les vivants. C'est à VOUS que revient l'immense tâche de repousser ces créatures infernales dans les Ténèbres d'où elles viennent. Votre but? Mettre la main sur l'Anneau des Serpents de Feu, dont les pouvoirs magiques vous permettront de vaincre Zanbar Bone. Êtes-vous prêt à affronter votre pire cauchemar?

BONUS inédit : les archives de l'Allansia vous révèleront tout ce qu'un héros digne de ce nom se doit de connaître!

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