Sorcery! The Shamutanti Hills


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YOU are a brave hero searching for the legendary Crown of Kings, hidden in the Shamutanti Hills. The land is alive with evil creatures, lawless brigands and bloodthirsty monsters. It is riddled with tricks and traps waiting to ensnare you. Can you cross the hills and complete your mission – or will you die in the attempt?

In Sorcery! series you can choose to be a simple warrior or wizard.


Enjoying Fighting Fantasy, but you wish you could use the same character across all of your adventures?

Then you’ll love Sorcery!, Steve Jackson’s mini-series that’s, in a lot of ways, Fighting Fantasy’s more complex sibling. Set on Titan, the same fictional world as FF, players start the gamebook series by choosing whether to be a fighter or a mage. As a fighter, you’ll be using the same rules as in FF, but as a mage, you’ll be following the rules laid out in the series’ spellbook.

In Sorcery!, you’re a lone hero tasked with retrieving the Crown of Kings, a magical artifact that was stolen from Analand by the evil Archmage of Mampang Fortress. Through the four books in the Sorcery! series, you’ll battle nomads, monsters, and the messengers of the Archmage himself until you reach Mampang Fortress. With danger, booby traps, and deadly puzzles hiding throughout the series, you’ll need every ounce of luck, strength, and stamina at your disposal to survive.

Product Details

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781407186214 (en) / 9782070665822 (fr)
Publisher: Scholastic (en) / Gallimard Jeunesse (fr)
Date published: April 5th, 2018

Other details

Written by Steve Jackson
Illustrated by Robert Ball & Vlado Krizan
First publishing: 1986
232 pages
New Condition


Titre en français: Sorcellerie ! 1 | Les Collines Maléfiques

Sorcellerie ! Quatre volumes, quatre aventures dont VOUS êtes le héros, qui peuvent être jouées séparément ou comme les quatre épisodes d'une grande épopée.

En vous lançant dans l'aventure de Sorcellerie!, vous allez partir à la conquête de la Couronne des Rois. Un voyage qui vous mènera d'Analand, votre patrie, jusqu'àl'inquiétante forteresse de Mampang.

Vous pourrez choisir d'être un simple Guerrier. Mais vous pourrez également choisir d'être un Sorcier. Vous serez alors initié à la magie et à ses sortilèges, révélés dans le Livre des Formules Magiques, en fin de volume.


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