The Gates of Death

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Young Bond maestro Charlie Higson brings his special brand of thrills to this cult series.

Zero or hero? Only YOU can decide your destiny – but we’re pretty sure big thrills lie ahead! The kingdom of Allansia is in trouble again, which is kind of a good thing. (No trouble, no adventures. Okay?) Now it’s up to YOU to travel to the Temple of Miracles in the Invisible City. Think that sounds easy? Think again. You’ll have to cross the Gates of Death and defeat the Queen of Darkness. And if you’re still alive, it’s time for a stroll through the Kingdom of the Dead. Live or die, run or fight, you’ll never forget this quest…

  • A thrilling new book for this cult fantasy gaming series
  • Written by bestselling Young Bond author Charlie Higson
  • Action, terrifying monsters and heart-stopping choices
  • Read the story, roll the dice and decide your destiny!


The first Fighting Fantasy title that wasn’t authored by Jackson or Livingstone, Gates of Death by Charlie Higson harked a new era of FF novels when it was first published in 2018.

In Gates of Death, the Demon Queen Ulrakaah has unleashed a plague upon the world, turning the citizens of Allansia into horrific, demonic monsters. As a novice monk, it’s up to you to deliver Smoke Oil, the only substance that can turn these demons back into humans, to the Invisible City.

With familiar characters and locations at every twist and turn, Gates of Death is both a brilliant introduction to the Fighting Fantasy series and an exciting new addition for veteran players. But, be warned - everyone you come across might already be infected with the demon curse, and there are few people remaining that you can trust…

Higson’s trademark wit and humor shine through in this new addition to the Fighting Fantasy series, making it a great jumping-on point or addition to your bookshelf.

Product Details

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781407186306 (en)
Publisher: Scholastic (en)
Date published: April 5th, 2018

Other details

Written by Charlie Higson
Illustrated by Robert Ball & Vlado Krizan
232 pages

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